A New Adventure!

Yes, It’s true. The Best time for new beginnings IS now.

New beginnings are everywhere right now! It feels like every one of my friends (and Facebook “friends”) has something to announce. A couple of months ago my Parents & Family moved from a lifetime in Wisconsin to Fort With, Texas. This was shortly succeeding my and Luke’s announcement that we were transferring to Minneapolis, MN from Northern WI.  Shortly after that one of my little Sister’s got married and her and her Husband moved near Cleveland, OH. What a Summer it has been! (And it’s only August 8th).

August is my favorite month of the year. Not only is the Summer heat winding down in a particularly nice way (perfect for camping), but it’s also my Anniversary and Birthday Month. August annewd I belong together.

So, here I sit, on August 8th 2016. Having discovered the incredible Library close to my new apartment in Minneapolis. Enjoying the sounds of typing and reading (or lack of sounds). This is the day I am launching my new blog, The Intrepid Belle. I’ve had blogs before, the occ
asional anonymous writing too. However, The Intrepid Belle is something that has been on my heart for over 6 months now. Because I have been learning this last year about Identity, the title of the blog reflects my (and your) true identity. Intrepid is a word I have loved, it means Fearless. Belle reflects femininity and beauty. My femininity is what gives me my strength and also my fragility. I have chosen a Fearless, Beautiful and Vulnerable life. This is where I want to share with you my journey walking through it. Via Inspirational Blog Posts & Prayers or just daily life and how to get a victorious handle on your physical and mental Health. This is my journey, I invite you to come along!

Much Love until next time, Cheyenne.


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