My Name is Cheyenne. Nice to meet you!

I hail from Northern Wisconsin, Born in Madison but raised in the Northwoods. The true North, where everything is beautiful and untouched. However, I have made the World my home. “Home” for me is wherever I am at peace. I live with my adventure buddy & wonderful Husband, Lucas. He’s a music man and is always playing the soundtrack to my life. It’s like having your own foley artist following you around.

What is The Intrepid Belle?

This is not something I take lightly. I have reserved my thoughts in the past for only a few. But now is the time for me to share publicly. Life, Love, Freedom. I was in prayer over what to call my new canvas. The Intrepid Belle? It sounds so vain. I was worried about how I would be accepted. But then the voice of my Creator interjected “No. It’s your true Identity.” All of us have a true identity, hidden somewhere under the lies the world has tried to dull us with. My vision is that through this Blog I can help other Ladies (and Fellas) to live truly and freely.

This Blog is an inspirational blog. There are categories of freedom I have discovered. Emotional, Spiritual & Physical. Walk with me as I recount my journey into surrendering to freedom. Physically, my passion for food and healing. Spiritually, your true identity, eyes wide open. Emotionally, fostering joy in your daily life!

So, let’s go! Take a leap of Faith and journey onward.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me (see contact page).

With Much Love, Cheyenne.